PDRI Named to Group Of Select Providers for $5.75 Billion HCaTS Contracts
CEB Company to Continue Providing Human Capital Strategy and Organizational Performance Improvement Services Across the Federal Government

ARLINGTON, Va.Jan. 11, 2017 -- PDRI, a CEB (NYSE: CEB) company, has been designated as one of only 25 contractors that can provide services under both sides of the joint General Services Administration-U.S. Office of Personnel Management's new Human Capital and Training Solutions vehicle. Under the HCaTS contracts, PDRI is approved to provide customized training and employee development, human capital strategy and organizational performance improvement services across the federal government at all levels. The total vehicle value is up to $5.75 billion. ​

“PDRI has delivered talent management solutions to the federal government – including the Office of Personnel Management, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Agriculture – for decades through previous programs,” said Elaine Pulakos, CEB group leader for PDRI. “We are thrilled to become an approved provider through HCaTs and to continue offering our custom human capital and training-solution services to all of our long-time federal customers through this innovative new vehicle.”

The HCaTS initiative provides federal agencies with a reliable, flexible, fast and efficient way to obtain customized human capital management and training services to accomplish six key objectives: 

  1. Improving the management of human capital in accordance with the HCAAF and OPM governing doctrines and accomplishing their assigned critical missions,
  2. Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of critical business processes,
  3. Providing optimal professional development opportunities to the Federal workforce,
  4. Undertaking effective change management initiatives,
  5. Developing effective metrics to assess progress in carrying out human capital strategies, and
  6. Maximizing the return on investment in training and development, human capital and organizational performance improvements. 

PDRI Capabilities under HCaTS

For more than 40 years, PDRI has been a leading source of research-based innovation and strategies for addressing the human capital management needs of government clients. PDRI’s performance-based talent management solutions have been used in virtually every large-scale human capital management reform effort in the federal government. They help agencies hire, train, develop, manage and motivate people in high-performance workplaces. Custom services offered by PDRI through HCaTS include:

To learn more visit https://www.pdri.com/PDRI.html.

About PDRI, a CEB Company

Founded in 1975, PDRI has built a global reputation of excellence by designing, developing and implementing human capital and training solutions that incorporate the most recent advances in the behavioral sciences and adhere to the highest principles of professional practice. PDRI was acquired by CEB in 2012. CEB is a best practice insight and technology company. In partnership with leading organizations around the globe, we develop innovative solutions to drive corporate performance. CEB equips leaders at more than 10,000 companies with the intelligence to effectively manage talent, customers, and operations. CEB is a trusted partner to nearly 90% of the Fortune 500 and FTSE 100, and more than 70% of the Dow Jones Asian Titans. More at cebglobal.com.