Pat Spenner

Pat Spenner is fascinated by disruptive technologies in emerging markets and the micro-financing organizations that are reshaping traditional industries. This fascination is also one of the significant challenges Pat sees facing CEB members and the business community at large: global expansion and leveraging emerging market investments.

Pat believes an organization’s social media capabilities can effectively address and help to overcome these challenges by building competitive advantage. Properly utilized, Pat sees social media as a relationship driver and as a viable means to increasing brand visibility on a global scale.

Pat believes a company’s posture on its overseas footprint will become increasingly vital to growth in the next five years. In addition, Pat believes businesses are increasingly slow to move with or ahead of executive consumption trends. Questions he is hearing frequently in the marketplace include: is it better to hire local talent or transfer existing employees to new growth markets? How can we build an innovation strategy that actually works? And, how can social media support these efforts?

Pat’s advice to those operating in the business world today is to read widely and well beyond traditional press as he believes the human psyche drives the decision making process much more often than we suspect. Pat also recommends understanding our personal communications style and how it impacts others. He believes there is great power in building good interpersonal skills and seeking personal discovery on a frequent basis. 

As Director of Strategic Initiatives for CEB's Marketing practice, Pat’s areas of expertise include social media, marketing ROI, integrated marketing campaigns, agency management and customer loyalty. When not advising heads of the world’s largest marketing organizations, Pat spends time honing his ultimate Frisbee skills and his ability to identify all visible stars in the night sky.

Prior to joining CEB in 2005, Pat served as a business manager in Capital One's marketing and analysis group. In that role, he managed all aspects of the marketing mix for the business, including marketing communications, pricing, segmentation, sales strategy and distribution. Pat has also lead multiple research initiatives supporting heads of strategy and human resources at Global 1000 corporations.

A native of Kansas City, Kan. and Omaha, Neb., Pat holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Georgetown University and a MBA from Stanford University.  He lives with his wife and children in the Washington, D.C. area.