Liz Joyce

Liz Joyce's intrinsic belief that the government does good work has fueled nearly a decade of federal service, from overseeing change management to leading human capital strategy. In her role as an Executive Advisor at CEB, now Gartner, she enjoys serving the government in a different yet impactful way - working with government HR executives on challenges relating to organizational design, performance management, and strategic human capital and workforce planning. Her previous experience helps her diagnose these challenges and help HR leaders move from transactional to strategic partners.

Today's federal environment forces leaders to think more critically about their workforce and address higher expectations with fewer resources. It has also caused leaders to take a closer look at employee engagement, since engagement is key to productivity. However, Liz is quick to remind HR leaders that employee engagement is more than satisfaction – it’s about creating a workforce that is productive and committed. As such, Liz helps leaders to use talent data to make organizational changes and build more engaged employees.

Liz believes that the effective use of data presents a unique opportunity for HR executives to prove the value of the function by quantifying talent as a key driver of performance. She knows that talent data and analytics are prime tools for government HR leaders to use in improving recruitment, retention and engagement. Leveraging these tools, Liz helps government HR leaders work effectively with other functional heads to form a unified vision for performance and align their functions to drive desired agency outcomes.

Prior to joining the company, Liz held roles at the U.S. Census Bureau and Accenture. She also led human capital strategy at the Natural Resource Conservation Service under the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Her commitment to public service and desire to gain insight into how government operates is what led Liz to pursue a Master in Public Administration from the George Mason University. She also received a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Virginia.

Outside the office, Liz spends much of her time volunteering for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, facilitating the placement of rescue dogs into new homes. Just as she aims to equip HR leaders with prescriptive insights, she does the same for adopters as they search for a new pet and transition them into their home.  Liz and her husband live in Arlington, Va. with their two Lucky dogs and cat. 


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