Brian Riley

With more than 25 years of financial institution experience, Brian Riley is an expert in the areas of bank card technology, emerging trends, new products and revenue management. As an Executive Advisor at CEB, Riley works on a wide variety of business and technology issues facing banks and consumers, from new threats against consumers who use debit cards to information bank executives need to know about the business impact of new technologies (eg. Mobile payments) and banking regulations.

Riley got his first taste of the banking world when he was in his 20’s as an auditor for CitiBank while living in Atlanta, Georgia. It was also at CitiBank where Riley met his mentor who helped him hone his skills by being viciously honest. From CitiBank, Riley went to work for Chase and Wachovia before finally ending up at CEB TowerGroup. Through his work there, he has witnessed a change in point of sale transactions from merchants accepting many forms of payment to merchants scaling back payment options and taking advantage of new pricing models, which may prompt consumers to go from paying via debit or credit to cash payments.

Riley’s experience has also led him to become an expert  in the gift card industry. Since 2006, Riley has seen the gift card market grow to the point where it outpaced regulations as well as shrink due to economic recession. With gift cards now making a comeback, Riley looks forward to analyzing how new ways of giving gift cards (eg. e-gift cards) will propel the market forward and shifts in the way consumers view gift cards will impact the market. 

Riley has been interviewed by top-tier publications including the New York Times¸ Associated Press and on topics ranging from consumer debit card habits to gift cards during the holiday shopping season. Riley attended the State University of New York and has done advanced studies in computer technology. Riley is a New York native having spent his childhood in Bronxville, New York. He now resides in Florida with his wife and kids. When he is not working or spending time with his family, he enjoys swimming and working on his golf game. (His game is better than Charles Barkley’s.) If Riley could take a year off and do anything, he’d travel the world by sailboat.


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